Sourcing & Legal Services – On Demand

Use Opticos as Your on Demand
Sourcing, Purchasing & Legal Department

  • You will have an expert sourcing team to support your organization, available when you need
  • You can choose a service level that fits your requirements
  • Your staff can focus on your core business, and Opticos will provide your supporting businesses (which is our core business)

Contract Administration

  • Scanning of agreements
  • Meta data extraction and storing in the agreed system
  • Track & follow agreements in agreed
  • Reminders when agreements are about to expire
  • Reminders on agreement options

Sourcing Specialists

  • Senior Sourcing specialists in IT sourcing
  • Subject Matter Experts available for IT, Telecom, Projects, BPO, Marketing, Facilities, Product development services
  • Extensive experience in outsourcing, offshoring and re-structuring

    Legal Services

    • Legal advice
    • Risk reviews
    • Audit of contracts
    • Contract development and assessment

    Supplier Relationship Management

    • Supplier Governance foras and processes managed, with agendas, IDA (Issues, Decisions & Actions) logging & follow up, escalation management
    • Quality measurement & reporting
    • Supplier Intelligence Services & reporting

    Training – based on experience

    • Training of retained organization in Vendor management, Contract management, Sourcing management, Negotiation techniques
    • Instructions, processes and messages for day-to-day management of the contract portfolio and sourced services

    Archive for physical contracts

    • Archiving of physical contracts, in parallel with management of scanned contracts.