Meet our colleagues

Patricia Vargas - Management Consultant and Development Coach

What is the most challenging with your job at Opticos?
As consultant I help clients resolve our clients’ most critical technology challenges, I help customers achieve their transformation goals and they trust Opticos to resolve the most complex problems. I also find it challenging that it takes time and effort to get to know the client’s culture and organization, you’re on a project for x amount of weeks or months and then you move onto the next one. On the other side this is also very rewarding because I learn a lot and I have the possibility to create an extremely interesting and broad network.

What did you do before joining Opticos?
I am originally from Mexico and studied International Business at the Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City. Then I lived in Italy and for many years I worked with Procurement in France and Spain.

Why did you join Opticos?
I found the people working at Opticos very inspiring, highly capable and open minded. I was interested in working with Procurement – and at Opticos I saw the opportunity to give a twist to my career, learn and develop working with the market’s best available assignments in the most successful global Swedish companies.

You are also a Development Coach at Opticos. What is that like?
Personal development is what makes our company strong and makes us grow as people and professionals. It’s very rewarding to have the opportunity to support and guide our consultants in achieving their goals. I believe that there is a clear connection between personal growth and the growth of our company, and it is quite unique to be surrounded by so many of the most skilled professionals to collaborate with and learn from each other.