Our Commitment

Opticos is committed to promoting diversity and the integration of people with exclusion risk to join society. Very often newcomers to Sweden have very little or no contact with native people. Our company has focused on helping newcomers improve their spoken Swedish and build a network.


Invitationsdepartementet is non-governmental, not-for-profit with no ties to any political or religious institutions. It helps new inhabitants meet established ones by matching people for dinner.

 VISIT Invitationsdepartementet

Our Collaboration

We have started a collaboration with Invitationsdepartementet to help build a bridge between new Swedish inhabitants and established ones.

What you can do

You are welcome to join this initiative by hosting a dinner, attending to one, or join as a volunteer to help spread the word. By participating you will:

  • Contribute to make a difference in our society
  • Make new friends
  • See the world from a different perspective
  • Challenge yourself to do something different
  • Have fun!

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

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