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Training Content

Target Group

are Persons…

After the Training You should have…

  • Tools & processes for successful sourcing
  • Negotiation techniques
  • The game of contract law™
  • Change management
  • Business case
  • Theory and practice
  • About to execute a sourcing activity, i.e. planning, execution and contract management of a purchasing/sourcing activity, as project manager, sourcing lead, sponsor or similar
  • Wanting to improve understanding of planning and execution of a sourcing activity
  •  A number of important tools for successful sourcing, and a understanding of how to use them
  • Knowledge to be able to conduct a negotiation with support of methodology, helping both you and your counterpart to leave the negotiation table satisfied
  • Understand the effect of some important contractual writings avoiding some major pitfalls

The Game of Contract Law™ Group Role Play


  • Realistic background description of a project.
  • An assignment to choose from a set of clause alternatives with different risk levels. The choice of clauses will affect profit. The higher risk, the higher contract value. Hence, each group will have their individual contract and contract value during the game.
  • Execute the project. During the execution, realistic events will occur, such as delivery-, quality- or payment problems, saving- or bonus events, affecting the originally anticipated profit.
  • When the project has been executed a winning team will be nominated. The team that has balanced risk and pricing optimally in relation to events will win.
  • The game will give a robust insight in how an agreement works in practice. How a contact is negotiated and the correlation between contractual writing and agreement execution.

Made By

The training is developed by Christina Ramberg, professor in Civil law at Stockholm University and Elisabeth Wenzlaff, Senior Consultant and Lawyer at Opticos.

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