(Only) time and robots can tell us what the future holds

47 % of jobs in the United States are at risk of being automated according to an Oxford study. OECD have found that “close to one in two jobs are likely to be significantly affected by automation” in 32 OECD countries. These statistics can be alarming at first but only if one is not prepared. Denying the inevitable will lead to a deer-in-headlights situation for all companies who have not adapted their modus operandi in time for the coming change that will not only affect the corporate landscape but the global society at large.

This is not another Orwellian prophecy – in the nearest decade vast transformations towards an increasingly more digital society are inevitable. Bain, amongst others, predict that by 2030 “the global economy will likely be in the midst of a major transformation”.

During the coming months we will share some insights with the theme – a future digital society – delving into topics such as innovation, new and/or changing roles and RPAs. We will not only share our views on the topics but also share our recommendations on different takes, statistics and findings from others so that you can read, listen and watch your way into a more enlightened and prepared future.


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