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Recruiting: Head of Öresund

We are looking for a Head of Öresund to expand our business in the region. This role is about growth, and to build on the footprint we already have in Malmö.


Growing the business in Öresund includes leading a team of consultants as well as recruiting new colleagues. You will be taking the lead in sales-oriented activities in the region, often involving colleagues representing capabilities from our offices in Göteborg and Stockholm. You are no stranger to project delivery as part of your role.

Your senior background in management consulting includes Strategic IT, Sourcing & Procurement, and Digital Transformation.

It is up to you if you prefer to operate from Malmö or Copenhagen. Benefits include working with great colleagues and equity.

In Opticos, we take pride in “making it happen”. We are eager to hear what “making it happen” means to you and how you work with other people, including clients. We are serious about our accelerated growth in Öresund and if you are too – send us a brief message.

If you are interested in hearing more about the role, please do not hesitate to call Rickard Holmkvist +46 723 26 37 77.