New office in Malmö

With the new office in Malmö, OPTICOS establish a link to Copenhagen in Öresund – further expanding the footprint in Scandinavia


MALMÖ, 15 September 2020

OPTICOS today announced the opening of a new office in Malmö, Sweden.

“Despite the ongoing pandemic we are confident in moving our positions forward to establish a Malmö office in Öresund,” said Per Lykke, Managing Director Denmark.

OPTICOS opened its first office in Göteborg in 2010. Opening a Malmö office in 2020 is a milestone.

“Our footprint in Öresund is a key component in our expansion, completing the circle with the offices in Göteborg and Stockholm,” said Fredrik Hallberg the CEO and co-founder of OPTICOS. “This will enable us to get closer to our expanding client base in the Öresund region”.

The new office in Malmö is co-located with “High Court” at Stortorget 11 in central Malmö.

For more information, please call: Per Lykke at ‭+45 28558789‬ or‬

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