Unbeaten together

A decade of creating value

As we concluded our first decade of creating real business value with and for our clients in 2020, we were more than excited about the coming years. Now a few years later, we know that the previous decade provided us with a solid foundation for the decade we're in right now. We know for a fact that the power of asking questions, rather than telling truths, fosters excellent relations. We know first-hand the effects of finding the potential in everyone and everything around us. Every day we see the strengths of listening more than talking.

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10 years – 10 stories

Revisiting the first 10 years.

Over the course of 2020 we did a few revisits of our first ten years. Starting with our founders, Fredrik and Anders, we also talked to some of our colleagues being with us during this time.

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Unbeaten Ambition

Running together towards a moving target

It’s easy to say, but hard to do! Maybe that’s why we do it. Because we can and love doing it. We, the Opticos running crew, talk less and train more. Our mission is still 42 km in the heart of NYC. Whatever happens around us, we’ll follow our unbeaten ambition and determination to get the whole team across the finish line - whenever that is! Hopefully in 2022 which is what we strive for!

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My Dream Now

Passing it on!

“The power of knowing” is a thought that we proudly display on our website, and it can’t be more appropriate than in our work with young students. Through the outreach program My Dream Now, we share our knowledge and experience by informing and inspiring young people to dream big and to understand that there’s really no limit to what’s possible. If you put your mind to it.

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