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Accelerating your Cloud Adoption Journey

Accelerating your Cloud Adoption Journey

To say that Cloud-based services enable new business models would be to kick-in open doors. Let’s add that Cloud also provides exciting new ways to consume and work with applications, infrastructure, data, and we have something interesting to explore.

To name a few; Rapid back-end infrastructure scaling; mixed pricing-models using both committed capacity and pay-as-you-go; and purpose-designed offerings covering both infrastructure and application layer like ERP on cloud hyperscaler.

In retrospective, on-premise ERP solutions used to be the only alternative for global corporations. Today, Cloud ERP is a real alternative for global corporations. Yet, considering cloud ERP is not simply a question of comparing SaaS against on-premise.

Let’s take SAP S/4 HANA, as an example. Deployed in different flavours, yet very different in their nature and characteristics – each can claim to be Cloud ERP in some sense.

Most businesses already consume cloud services; however, as companies consume more cloud services, they realize that it exposes real challenges and difficulties to manage.

What does your Cloud Adoption Journey look like?

Every organization make its own Cloud Adoption Journey, with a unique set of challenges, priorities and needs.

Effectively supporting an organization to succeed with Cloud, it is crucial to understand where they are on their Cloud Adoption Journey.

Pin-pointing the current position in an overall Cloud Journey context, from Strategy, Foundation, Sourcing, Transition to Operation, will make it easier to understand the next steps.

Think about what your organization’s Cloud Journey. What areas would be next to address? What drives your Cloud Journey?

A key success factor in any Cloud Adoption Journey is to explore and understand the drivers and expectations of the business value waiting to be unlocked. There are many reasons for making cloud investments. Identifying and clarifying those reasons are essential to set priorities right and make informed decisions on a cloud journey.


A few real-world examples: 

  • Technical Development Teams often praise the value in the flexible and fast infrastructure scaling opportunities provided by hyperscaler cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Business Development Teams can see value in providing customers with new offerings, through new business models such as subscription-based services. New cloud-based applications/services such as Zuora can leverage this new market niche for subscription-based services.
  • Large organizations often struggle with complex and time consuming traditional business systems upgrades and see value in new SaaS platforms. SaaS applications can provide value by offering customers opportunities to stay “evergreen”, always running on the latest release version.


Opticos Cloud Offerings

To help accelerate your Cloud Adoption Journey, Opticos provides a set of cloud service offerings, to leverage and complement your internal capabilities.


Cloud Strategy

  • Strategy Definition
  • Operational Readiness
  • Strategy Review

Cloud Foundation

  • Cloud Architecture Review
  • Application Landscape Review
  • Cloud 2nd Opinion

Cloud Sourcing

  • Cloud Sourcing Advisory
  • Contracting
  • Market Analysis

Cloud Transition

  • Application Migration
  • Workplace Transformation
  • Infrastructure Migration

Cloud Operation

  • Cloud Governance
  • Contract & Vendor Management


Opticos is an independent advisory partner to help you navigate the Cloud Journey. Being an independent partner, Opticos represent you and acts in your best of interests, with your existing and future Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators.

To learn more about our four offerings most relevant to your needs – do not hesitate to reach out, and our team of experienced Management Consultants and Sourcing Specialists will help you out.


Peter Schill, Senior Manager at Opticos currently works from his home on Tjörn just north of Göteborg.

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