Unbeaten together

Unbeaten Ambition

Already from day one, we aimed for building a premium brand management consultancy firm. Not to build another one – but to build one that could listen more to our clients than talking to them.

Looking back – thinking about Anders and me sitting at that coffee table 10 years ago and how we talked about managing pretty complex sourcing programs – it’s good to reflect on what we did to make all this happen.

Back then, we knew it would not be enough to bridge that gap between the buyer and seller of complex services – representing the buyer. No, we would need to facilitate and enable win-win situations to build long and strong relationships. Just like in any personal relationship, a partnership needs to be built on transparency, joint and known objectives, an understanding of priorities – to enable a long and prosperous relationship. We could see a need for a new sort of sourcing advisory firm – and we started Opticos.

We wanted our clients to know us for listening more than talking. Aiming for what was right for them. Succeeding we made things happen. We called the way we helped our clients “the Power of knowing” and with “Make things happen” – they became our taglines. This grew into our values of Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity & Humbleness.

Having a strong belief in that we all need to contribute to a better world beyond talking about it – we decided to be a company taking on social responsibility, promoting diversity and integrating sustainable practices in everything we do.

Today 10 years down the track, we provide IT-enabled business transformation and sourcing advisory services, making it happen to our large base of clients in the Nordics. I think we can be really proud to say that we are delivering on our promises second to none and in accordance with our values – and having fun together doing it!

This was our #unbeatenAmbition looking back. Looking up and into the future – Let’s Make it happen for the next 10 years as well!

Fredrik Hallberg & Anders Gullbrandson

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