Choosing the right automation partner

Choosing the right automation partner for your organization

Making a good choice among hundreds of automation partners operating across the globe can be a challenge. It’s not about finding the best partner – it’s about finding the best fit for your organization.

The path to successfully implementing automation capabilities and solutions depends on the partnership between your organization and the automation partner.

The automation partner of your choice will engage with your company long-term – as the capability area requires a long-term business commitment. Technical skills are not enough.

A compatible work culture, communication style, and the right chemistry go a long way in building a strong partnership.

Nowadays, “automation” is attracting a lot of attention because of several possible and desirable benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Time savings for employees
  • Reduction in errors and human mistakes
  • Decrease time spent performing repetitive tasks
  • Increased business capacity

However, there are also consequences and limitations when entering the area of “automation” to consider. Let us list a few of the most common:

  • Cost and effort (time) to set up
  • Continuous maintenance and support
  • Not suited to deal with low-volume unique scenarios

Considering the above, choosing the right partner will help you to achieve your automation goals and subsequently help you to harvest the fruits of your investment.

At Opticos, we help you to evaluate future automation partners, not only from a technical capabilities standpoint but also from a cultural perspective. Our framework and methodology were developed through extensive industry experience helping customers pick the right partners.

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